Education & Career

The Education and Career Development program enables youth to become proficient in basic education disciplines, apply learning to everyday situations and utilize technology to excel in a career. Examples are: Power Hour, Ultimate Journey, Job Ready, Reading Programs, Club Tech and "Goals For Graduation."
Featured Programs:

Power Hour
Power Hour program provides the Club members with resources and strategies that encourages self-direct learning and high-yield learning activities.
Job Ready
Job Ready program is sponsored by the Taco Bell Foundation and prepares Club members ages 15 ~ 18 learn how to identify job opportunities, write effective resumes, perform well in interviews, dress appropriately, and develop good work habits.
Reading Programs
This program creates opportunities for "high-yield learning" and improves reading, English, history, and science grades.
Ultimate Journey
This award winning program environmental program provides Club members with discovery-based activities and reinforces math and science skills. 

Club Tech
This program equips Club members with basic and advance technological skills needed to excel in school and the job market.
"Goals For Graduation"
"Goals For Graduation" introduces the concept of academic goal setting for Club members ages 6 ~ 17. This program which is sponsored by JC Penny After School, helps youth to make connections between their aspirations for the future.
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